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Ayai is finally here! Two Strikes welcomes the personification of anger!

Ayai is the fifth character to be added to Two Strikes.


The fastest warrior in the game so far, Ayai can reach her opponents very easily and at the same time fake her lighting-fast attacks like any other character in the game.

Ayai doesn't have strong attacks, but at the same time, she possesses two quick weak attacks that are very difficult to be defended. Her dash forward travels a great distance and her dash back is a key weapon to mix with the attack cancels making her an unpredictable force of nature.

Being Ayai extremely agile, controlling her might not be the easiest thing in the game, so, mastering her takes time but it will be worth it.

Being so fast also brings other disadvantages. Being defended creates huge holes in her defense, becoming easy prey for counter-attacks, so, be careful and time your attacks well!

Small lore peek:

Ayai was born in a small village by the edge of the Amano River as the sixth daughter of the clan chief. She had a mostly peaceful early life, with a loving father and mother. She originally trained to be the daughter of the chief, but as she grew older, became fascinated with the blades and bows of the hunters of her village. She loved stories, especially the story of Sitonai, the Snake Hunter.

More later in the upcoming story more...

New Game Features:

  • Casual Mode added. This is the first step to the training mode a lot of players requested. For now, you can choose the AI enemy you want to practice against, but this will be evolving in the next updates.

  • Blood Spurts : Visual indicator for weak hits. Some players complained about the lack of indication when they were getting hit. I hope this fixes the problem without adding UI to take the focus of the action.

  • Sound effects remastered. We have here a full revision of the SFXs we had it previously.

  • New dash effects .

Bug Fixes:

There were so many bug fixes in this period without updates that are very hard to map all of the ones that were fixed in the update. Some of them are:

  • Hozoin AI working properly

  • Hozoin sprites weren't full HD for some animations.

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