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The Legendary Goemon arrives in Two Strikes

After the first two characters being brought back from One Strike, now it is time to present you some new characters. The 3rd fighter we want to present you is Goemon, the legendary Ninja.

Goemon fight style will be a very unique one, being a mix of deception and defense. His weak attack will serve him as a dashback and launch deadly kunais in from of him to prevent enemy advances. Goemon can also use his pipe to place smokes in the battlefield, where he can hide it to make his next attack less predictable.

There will be two ways of spawning the smoke in the battlefield, the first one is using it's backdash, blowing smoke in the ground and the second one is with a defense of a weak attack.

Above you can see Goemon (unfinished animations) in action against Kenji. The stage is also Goemon's stage called Castle Robbery.

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